Guess who’s coming to bobble?

I’m a great admirer of the work of Driftglass, a ‘shop genius for political commentary. Consider the above an homage, if you will.

I’ll guarantee you that clueless rageaholic failed presidential candidate John McCain will be making the rounds Sunday on the morning bobblehead shows now that Ghaddafi has been killed. He’s on them nearly every weekend. I swear the producers must have him on speed dial or something.

2 responses to “Guess who’s coming to bobble?”

  1. Ben Cisco

    Hey, it’s a jobs plan – for Sen. McCain. I fear that even when he eventually gets retired from the Senate, we’ll be treated to his nuggets of wisdumb for many more Sundays to come.

    Loving the blog, added you to my blogroll.

  2. StringOnAStick

    Nice P shop, and I appreciate your homage to the great Drifty too.

    Nice blog ya got here; it’s going on my list as soon as I can get back to my desktop.

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