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Anne Laurie at Balloon Juice highlights a smackdown of MC T Friedman (aka The Moustache of Understanding ™ ) and his “Radical Center” party by Tom Scocca at Slate.

How did we get stuck with a suboptimal product like this? Clearly, it was because our corrupt duopoly refused to honor the desires of the radical center. If only the people who wanted a weaker health-care bill and the people who wanted a stronger health-care bill could be allowed to come together, in their mutual dissatisfaction. Then America would see some real reform.

The stupid from Friedman’s “Radical Center” idea is just so bad it burns. It’s like the MSNBC story that tried to equate the Tea Party rallies with the One Nation Working Together rally last week through “anger.”

While both sides might be “angry” about the impasse in the federal government, I’m pretty sure it’s not the same anger, nor fueled by the same desires.

Similarly, MC Friedman Unit’s ridiculous idea of the “Radical Center” ignores not only political realities (how would this party get legislation passed?), but the fact that the “center” of the country is pretty non-radical, or there’d already be a third centrist party.

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