It gets better

A thread at Sadly, No! discussing the horrible tragedy of the death of a Rutgers University student featured a link to this YouTube Channel, a project by Dan Savage called “It Gets Better.” (more explanation here)

Kudos to Savage for putting this together, and I hope many people take comfort from the hope message the project is trying to deliver. It’s sometimes difficult in the middle of dark times to ever think things will get better, or that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. May this project help convince someone that there is.

Also, it’s worth your time to read the comments on the S, N! post, especially those by Cerberus.

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This is not my beautiful house!

Many moons ago in the blogosphere there was a minor writer with the moniker “Bryan S.” who flew the flag of “Arguing with Signposts.” His politics were vaguely conservative, warblogger, humorist, cynic, libertarian. In short, he screwed all that up. So, you might say this is my attempt to set that stuff straight. The flag is flying again. But we’ve set a course that’s at odds with the haze of the last eight years. Onward!