Always wrong on the Internet

UPDATE: Now she’s on the NYTimes’ site. (head/desk) (via)

It is pretty pathetic when the economics editor of the Atlantic, a once-reputable journalistic enterprise, is such a complete piece of fail that she posts unsubstantiated rumors as a launching point for a tirade against a Sternly Worded Letter ™. Tom Levenson, who is actually a journalist with pedigree and a position at M.I.T., also comments. And TBogg piles on. John Cole adds:

Seriously- how out of whack does your thought process have to be that you consider government regulators frowning on deceiving their customers as “thuggery?”

It’s pretty pathetic when there’s an entire cottage industry in documenting the atrocities of said FAIL of an economics editor.

Said economics editor gives journalism a bad name. She gives blogging a bad name. She devalues the educational pedigree of every other graduate of UPenn and UChicago. She sullies the reputation of public radio every time she shows up on Marketplace.

If the Washington DC village was any sort of place where actions had consequences, she’d be blogging about dumpster diving and living as an uninsured peon. But instead, she remains a sad object of mockery.

UPDATE: Because this is just too rich. This is the apology from the economics editor of a major national magazine:

I shouldn’t have linked the HCSC situation to Sebelius’ letter, which I’ve been meaning to write about for days; I took the words “gag order” to mean something they didn’t, for which I apologize.
I remain outraged by the HHS letter, but the two aren’t connected, and I apologize for assuming they were.

That is no ordinary FAIL. For a “journalist,” that is the kind of FAIL that should lead you to tender your resignation, not just one that should get you fired. And she puts her admission of UTTER FAIL at the BOTTOM OF THE POST!

If the Great Experiment in Democracy finally falls, written on its headstone should be this: “Technically true, but collectively nonsense.”

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  1. asiangrrlMN

    To me, MM2 should have the words, “Whatever the facts” emblazoned on her forehead for all to see. But, you are right in that the biggest problem isn’t that she’s spouting such nonsense–the biggest problem is that The Atlantic is giving her such a prestigious platform from which to spew. Alas, I think she is just symptomatic of a bigger problem (but I would like to know how I can get a sinecure like hers).

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