States I’ve visited and/or lived in

states i've visited

states i've visited and/or lived in

After a healthy discussion over at Balloon Juice about Southern states and who’s better than whom, I decided to create this map of the states that I’ve visited or lived in using this web site. Below is a list of the provinces I’ve visited (specifically, Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto).

Provinces I've visited

Above all, I’ve been to some really neat places and met some really neat people all over. Yes, there are assholes all over the place. But there is a lot of beauty around, in the people and the places, if you look for them.

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Many moons ago in the blogosphere there was a minor writer with the moniker “Bryan S.” who flew the flag of “Arguing with Signposts.” His politics were vaguely conservative, warblogger, humorist, cynic, libertarian. In short, he screwed all that up. So, you might say this is my attempt to set that stuff straight. The flag is flying again. But we’ve set a course that’s at odds with the haze of the last eight years. Onward!